Ramsey, Cambridgeshire ROC Post


Finally, an evening with some half decent weather and a few hours to spare to get out and explore a bit. Over the years, I’ve noticed ROC posts around, but never seen one up close, so I decided to head over to Ramsey to see the post there.

I’d seen loads of pictures of the post online and knew I wasn’t in for much. I had the post tagged on the satnav, but hadn’t realised that the road down to the site was unmade, or just how close it was to the side of RAF Upwood.

Initially, I was greeted by a huge mess of blackberry bushes and thought for a while that the post was buried amongst them. To my relief, as I walked further down the path the site greeted me, clear of heavy undergrowth and still surrounded by wire fencing.

Ramsey ROC Post

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