3 day Bank Holiday weekend, no work, but a few things I’ve got to get done which are going to restrict the time left for exploring. Sooo, where to go?? I’ve got dozens of places on my list to get to, but I haven’t got the time for big sites.

Think I might have to head up to Kings Lynn tomorrow afternoon to visit a coastal defence site I want to see. There’s at least one bunker there to practice my low light photography skills too, which I’m quite keen to have the chance to do. If I’m left with any time to spare, there a few unusual pillpoxes to pick up on the way home. Not too sure about the rest of the weekend though….

Finally, an evening with some half decent weather and a few hours to spare to get out and explore a bit. Over the years, I’ve noticed ROC posts around, but never seen one up close, so I decided to head over to Ramsey to see the post there.

I’d seen loads of pictures of the post online and knew I wasn’t in for much. I had the post tagged on the satnav, but hadn’t realised that the road down to the site was unmade, or just how close it was to the side of RAF Upwood.

Initially, I was greeted by a huge mess of blackberry bushes and thought for a while that the post was buried amongst them. To my relief, as I walked further down the path the site greeted me, clear of heavy undergrowth and still surrounded by wire fencing.

Ramsey ROC Post

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Supposedly, we’re due a long hot summer here in the UK. Call me cynical, but I’m not entirely sure I believe this. The weather just lately has been mad – bright sunshine one minute, dull and cloudy the next. Yesterday, the wind got so strong at one point I was struggling to walk into it. An hour later, it was glorious sunshine again.

Today looks to be a washout, with little chance to get out exploring (although as I type this, the sun has suddenly decided to show itself again!) so I decided to set about trying to convert the Defence of Britain Database to Garmin format so I could upload it to my Nuvi satnav.

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Very nearly an epic fail today but, in the end, a local site I’d saved for a quiet evening turned out to be pretty interesting.

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