I’m a 30 something bloke, with a passion for exploring. As a kid, I grew up in Norfolk where I’d spend hours touring around on my bike looking for the unusual, out of the way places that other people never took the time to notice.

I come from a family interspersed with military history. One grandfather served in the Army in World War 1, then in civil defence in World War 2. The other was awarded a DFC flying a Lancaster on the raid to destroy the V2 bomb factory at Peenemunde, as well as various other raids in Germany and Italy. My dad did National Service including time spent in Germany. As a result, I spent my childhood being taken to various military and RAF sites and air shows by my dad and grandparents.

I lost touch with most of the above during my twenties. My career, relationships and relocation to a new area meant I forgot about it all for a while.

Then I discovered that, far from being unusual, quite a lot of people enjoy exploring unusual places, or tracking down traces of our country’s military history that are slowly disappearing back to nature, being consumed by time.

They call it Urbex.

I’m not sure I’m an “Urban Explorer”. I’m probably more of a “Rural Explorer”. I’m quite up for exploring a city factory, climbing a tower, or descending a drain – but I’m more at home out in the country, digging up sites tucked away amongst greenery, by the side of a river or next to the sea.

It’s where my soul’s at its happiest.