All my free time has been tied up just lately and if I don’t get out soon to explore somewhere new, I think I’m going to start going out of my mind. It’s funny, but I get this nagging stress in the back of my mind after a while stuck in mundane routine, which only goes away when I can switch off and go out to have some fun.

Aside of other things, I’ve been looking for a new car. Well, actually, a second, fairly old car. My current 2 door coupe is great, but absolutely useless for driving down bumpy rural lanes and paranoia about scratching it prevents me getting to a lot of places. So I’ve decided to go out and buy a dirt cheap 4×4. Which is easier than it sounds, unless you can live with intergalactic mileage.

So far, all I’ve managed to achieve is to work out I don’t want a Discovery. Big and comfy, but ugly as hell and full of stupid design flaws perfect for developing rust, which only a British manufacturer could overlook. Freelanders are OK, but a bit girly and generally overpriced. Hilux Surfs are dirt cheap and probably a decent car, but I don’t like the whole faux sporty pretence and they’re looking a bit dated now. I think, ideally, I want a late 90s short wheelbase Trooper – preferably a van so I can stash the bike in the back and take it wherever I go without worrying too much about security. I’ve got my eye on one, but the mileage is a bit higher than I’d like. It’s so cheap though that I might cave in to temptation and buy it anyway.


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