Had a lazy weekend and avoided driving too far – mainly thanks to the car having eaten a wheel bearing which I need to sort out one evening this week before it disintegrates totally. Took a leisurely drive over to a nearby WW2 airfield for a quick nose around to see if there was anything interesting left, and also to try and locate an ROC post.

Didn’t have much success on either front, so I headed to Swaffham Prior to have a look at the churches there. As I understood it, one was still in use – the other was redundant. I expected the reundant one to be open to the elements but, in practice, it’s now in the care of one of the church preservation trusts, so it’s got a shiny new door on it and looks quite well cared for. Unfortunately, this also meant it was locked and, disappointingly, there was no indication who might have the keys.

Wandering round the churchyard, I was struck by just how strange a pair of churches side by side looks. For some reason, the original church was simply abandoned and a new one built beside it.

What’s strange is that they didn’t simply demolish the old church and reuse the materials to construct the new one. Unfortunately, my camera couldn’t cope with the angles needed to capture both properly at once. I’d love to have access to a decent wide angle lens to mess around with – this has to be an ideal site for testing one!


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