Imperial War Museum, Duxford


From what I can remember, I must have been in my early teens when I last visited Duxford with my grandparents.

My grandfather is an ex.RAF bomber pilot, who flew Lancasters in WW2 and was awarded a DFC for his efforts returning home from bombing Peenemunde. In my teens, I enjoyed Duxford, but more in the sense that it was as good a way as any to pass a day, rather than somewhere I’d especially wanted to visit.

Returning 25 or so years later, I found it far more compelling. In the meantime, it has developed from an old WW2 airfield with some interesting artefacts into a vast, fascinating and highly polished museum – yet still retaining many of its old WW2 features.

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Planes, trains and sea defences.


I’ve had a hectic but enjoyable weekend, fitting 3 explores in around various other bits of more mundane life.

First up Saturday, King’s Lynn coastal defence battery at Ongar Hill. It was a hot and humid afternoon, and a bit of a treck down to the site, but worthwhile nonetheless. Originally built to house a pair of 6 inch guns, the gun houses, magazine and observation tower still remain.

King's Lynn Coastal Defence Battery

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Defence of Britain Google Earth database to Garmin GPS


Supposedly, we’re due a long hot summer here in the UK. Call me cynical, but I’m not entirely sure I believe this. The weather just lately has been mad – bright sunshine one minute, dull and cloudy the next. Yesterday, the wind got so strong at one point I was struggling to walk into it. An hour later, it was glorious sunshine again.

Today looks to be a washout, with little chance to get out exploring (although as I type this, the sun has suddenly decided to show itself again!) so I decided to set about trying to convert the Defence of Britain Database to Garmin format so I could upload it to my Nuvi satnav.

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Balls of Steel – Earith Redoubt


Very nearly an epic fail today but, in the end, a local site I’d saved for a quiet evening turned out to be pretty interesting.

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